Lawyer, economist, author, consultant, and businessman.


Marc Nuttle is a lawyer, economist, author, consultant and businessman. He has represented and advised leaders of foreign countries, state officials and corporations.


Marc has advised governments on the budget process, trade, economic development, currency management, domestic and foreign policy. He was part of President Ronald Reagan’s international trade team in the 1980s.

Marc Nuttle InTrust Network
Marc Nuttle


In Trust seeks to help our members create thriving communities united
in their commitment to faith, integrity, and service who will work together
for the success of their members and the well-being of their neighbors.

Banding Together

The In Trust Network will provide a referral service for like-minded business owners to resist the economic crisis that’s coming by banding together.

Access to Support

We will work through a merchant banking financial services corporation that connects our business members with commercial banks to get working capital loans up to $100,000.

Strategic Information

Information is power. The In Trust Network will bring you the latest reliable economic and political news straight and unvarnished. With no spin and no false alarms.


The In Trust Network will provide our members the chance to band together with like minded business owners and individuals to thrive whatever may come; whether economic emergency, natural disaster, or social disorder.

Through our referral service, timely news, reliable intelligence, and ongoing support, the In Trust Network will equip you with the tools you need to assure the economic well-being of you, your family, your business, and your community.


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July 22, 2024

Reality finally caught Biden’s hubris and the Democrat establishment’s two year con job this week. And reality bit hard. The…

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