Chaos Theory

“Without belief in basic principles, and the respect and discipline to adhere to them, we become a ship without a rudder, tossed to and fro by the winds of appeasement, tolerance, and political correctness.”

The Chaos Theory is the mathematical study of the behavior of dynamical systems. Its basic supposition is that what appears to be random may in fact be order in motion. The best analogy for me to comprehend it is to stand under the base of a large tree. When one looks up, the limbs appear to be random in size, placement, and position. Yet, when you stand at a distance and observe the tree in its total structure, it will appear perfectly round or triangular depending upon its species. In the chaos of the limbs, there is order to the overall structure.

We find ourselves today in what one could call societal chaos. The question is, in the combination of government action, societal disruption, cultural conflict, and trending tolerance, is there any hope of overall order for the greater purpose of society?

Currently there are random acts of government, foreign policy, presidential candidate declarations, economic policy, nation state decisions, independent agency actions, and border disputes that, on the first review standing beneath the great tree, look random, disruptive and destructive. The only possible formula to deal with all of these issues and problems in society today is to stand on principles which we as a people are determined to respect and honor because to oppose them would cause explosions and disruptions in the natural order.

For the Chaos Theory to work mathematically in nature, there must be adherence to rules that all elements and forces of physics are bound. Like the atomic symbol above, electrons, neutrons, and protons operate independent of each other, but in concert with forces of nature to produce an atom. The atom then provides the basic elements of the building blocks of all matter. The physical laws of nature which govern the universe are constant and unchanging. If various forces press against themselves, a disruption or explosion may occur, as in a volcano which then results in order resetting itself and all inorganic elements find equilibrium in line with and pursuant to these eternal laws of physics.

What are basic societal principles? They include:

Constitutional Freedom
Economic Sensibility
Government by the People
Honest Foreign Relations
Citizens Responsibility

There may be others, but the debate starts here.

In the past few weeks, we have been bombarded by government and political situations that appear chaotic. For instance, the new Iranian agreement limiting Iran’s ability to produce a nuclear weapon may buy some time. But it does nothing to ensure that Iran will not ultimately develop a nuclear weapon. It front-loads the agreement to allow the release of over $100 Billion of assets without any agreement whatsoever that the monies won’t be used to fund terrorism against the U.S. This violates the principle of honest foreign relations.

Donald Trump, a Republican candidate for President, has proffered incendiary comments in reference to immigration, foreign policy, military service, and economic policy. There is some truth in his statements, yet by not referencing general principles, his rhetoric divides us and violates the goal of unity.

In a recent town hall meeting, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was constantly interrupted by college students who demanded, “State my name!” It was not readily clear what they were referencing, but one could surmise that they sought to be individually recognized as a class. They seemed to perceive certain elements of society as oppressive to them only. Senator Sanders attempted to advocate his platform for job creation as a solution. The hecklers were not interested. They violated the principle of constitutional freedom of free speech and open dialog.  They failed to seek solutions that benefit all, not just an individual group. They also violated the meritable goal of societal unity.

The world debt continues to grow. The debt bomb continues to intensify. The nation state of Greece continues to be in denial on what is required to course correct their ship of state. They now are opposed to the privatization of industry. This world situation violates the principle of economic sensibility and free enterprise.

Recently it has been exposed that Planned Parenthood had such a disregard for fetuses that they in fact had negotiated to sell certain organs for other scientific medical procedures. There is no evidence that the young women were compensated. It never crossed their mind that this was beyond their scope and mission statement. They have violated the basic principle of character and moral decency when they take such matters under their own command.

As members of a fair and just society, we have an obligation to think through and determine what we believe. What do we believe that is eternal, unchanging, and foundational in the affairs of government? What principles do we adhere to that if consistently violated will result in explosions and disruptions in society?

Of course in world history, there have been conflicts and adjustments and some would argue through this process, order is reset and maintained in chaos. Just in the time frame of our own young country, we have experienced a Revolutionary War, a Civil War, World War I, World War II, the Korean Conflict, the Vietnam War, and the current conflict in the Middle East. Societally we have experienced the Industrial Revolution, Prohibition, the Roaring 20’s, the Great Depression, the Civil Rights riots, the Peace Movement of the 60’s, Ferguson, West Baltimore, and Charleston, SC.

Could we have avoided these events? Were they simply the elements of a chaos theory which result in order and progress? Or were these examples of a greater lesson, yet to be learned, if we continue to ignore eternal principles? The human sacrifice in each of these events was enormous. It was a price that did not have to be paid. Winston Churchill warned of not enforcing the particulars of the Versailles Treaty and allowing Hitler to re-arm Germany. Churchill admonished the West that to ignore principles of law would result in society paying a great price. At the end of World War II and its result of 72 million deaths, Churchill said he had no idea how great that price would be.

These lessons of history were not the normal process. They were warnings then and of things to come. Iran has no intention whatsoever of abandoning its declared purpose: death to America, destruction of Israel, and the reestablishment of the Islamic Caliphate for worldwide domination. They are clear in their foreign policy objectives.

Without belief in basic principles, and the respect and discipline to adhere to them, we become a ship without a rudder, tossed to and fro by the winds of appeasement, tolerance, and political correctness. Without commitment to beliefs, the generations are left without an inheritance. Without an understanding of the warnings of history, we will realize a greater sacrifice than any cost of prudently addressing existing problems.

Without binding principles, there is no order in the Theory of Chaos, just chaos.

My name is Marc Nuttle and this is what I believe.

What do you believe?