End of an Age

In historical commentary, the end of an age signifies the culmination of protracted world-altering events that leave societies changed forever. Nothing going forward from one age to another is the same upon reflection of the past. The new era is independent of current moral curriculum, societal perceptions, and government restrictions.

Epic periods chronicled would include the Dark Ages, the Renaissance, the founding of kingdoms, the Inquisition, and the establishment of democratic governments. Such times had a beginning and an end experiencing a duration that ran its course. Democracy is currently being challenged.

In addition to ages are life-changing events that forever altered mankind’s view of the world. Discoveries by Copernicus, Columbus, and Madam Curie changed internally religion, science and geopolitics. Critical wars at the nexus of conflict between great powers left the auxiliary world subject to the vacuum created by the imbalance of a new world order.

The world is about to experience in the next eighteen months both the end of an age and irresolute events that will forever change the catechism of perceived outcomes in relationships of nation-states, societies, and individuals.

The global economy is entering into a phase of restructuring as a result of world debt, COVID supply chain disruptions, and geopolitical conflicts. Each of these cause-and-effect elements are independent of each other, but, in fact, related in reference to possible alternatives. Debt restricts options for reinvestment. Decisions of economic governance increase sovereign hostilities based upon the need to seize assets rather than negotiate sound diplomatic arrangements. COVID accelerated the societal change necessary to keep pace with technological advancements. COVID protocol eliminated jobs that will never be available again. Workforce demands to work from home will never be completely satisfied.

The U.S. government continues to run deficits of $2.3 trillion on a $6.8 trillion budget. This is 25% of annual spending borrowed primarily from the general public. Worse, $2.3 trillion is approximately 6% of the world’s supply of money on any given day ($37 trillion). Inflation will return most likely by July of 2024. The world’s sovereign nations are in debt collectively by approximately $114 trillion on a global GDP of $94 trillion. Most nations, including the G7, will have difficulty meeting their debt obligations by the first quarter of 2025. Further deficit spending will not be an option. Therefore, restructuring of government services will be necessary changing the citizen-government relationship.

At the community level, basic services will come under pressure due to shortages, capital restrictions, and lack of coordination through federal, state, and local authorities. Citizens will build economic and critical need platforms through alliances and networks in which the members are in trust with each other. Commerce between family-owned businesses will be the crucial economic engine that supports new alliances at the city level.

China’s economic system is failing. Russian aggression is not sustainable. Iranian cultural dictatorship is an anathema to a free and open society. Decisions made by these governments may cause intermittent chaos yet the ideological doctrines advanced are incompatible with a peaceful one world order. The end of the age will determine principles of the new order.

The development of artificial intelligence (AI), quantum physics, and 6G platforms are fundamental events of cultural impact.

Current events are not just random acts of circumstance. They are precursors of things to come that will define the next age.

In light of these times, the Nuttle Report will transition into an analysis of current events, what they mean to an individual in their everyday lives, what they mean to the United States of America as a sovereign nation based on the protection of individual freedom, and what they mean to the alliance of free nations that are committed to individual liberty.

As of March 31st, the Nuttle Report will be free and published periodically as current events warrant. Future reports will focus on world economic, political, and societal trends that will require every family to be consciously aware of decisions made impacting their security and moral standards.

The Nuttle Report has been published now for twelve years. Its purpose was to illuminate principles crucial to navigating the times in which we live. I have very much enjoyed readers’ questions, comments, and heart-felt opinions.

Easter is an eternal benchmark for reflection upon the meaning of righteousness applied in the times in which we live.

Christ’s life, crucifixion, and resurrection was the ultimate culmination of events leading to a new age. Nothing was the same after His life’s mission was accomplished. In fact, all ages of history are tethered to the life of Christ. His dying words that “it is finished” binds the generations of the world. This includes the time in which we live today.

Current events of these times will provide a light for the proper path leading to truth. We only need …

to help each other pursue righteousness for the generations.

My name is Marc Nuttle and this is my commitment.

What is your commitment?

Happy Easter