Mutiny Against the Hijackers of Democracy

Volume 11, Issue 32


Mutiny on the Bounty

The democratic election process of the United States of America is in jeopardy of being manipulated and stifled to the point that the American public may lose all confidence in democracy’s ability to render results reflective of the people’s will. For whatever reason, a cabal of conspirators is making every attempt to limit the people’s choice for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States to Joe Biden. These conspirators are attacking and trying to undermine anyone who would dare to run in a primary to challenge the President or consider a third party candidacy.
The people are rising up in defiance against the manipulation of the electoral process.
Recently, Democratic Congressman Dean Phillips from Minnesota launched an effort to encourage Democratic party challengers to President Joe Biden for the party’s presidential nomination. This is not an effort to defeat Joe Biden. This is an effort to open up the democratic electoral process to allow the will of the people to be respected.
Congressman Phillips is a successful small business entrepreneur who has made his career by giving the people what they want in the business marketplace. He stewarded the Talenti gelato brand to corporate success. He believes that the same principle for respecting the people’s desires should apply in the political marketplace. Democratic party leaders are attempting to limit the party’s choice for President of the United States to Joe Biden. Sixty-five percent of Democrats consistently say that they do not want President Biden as their nominee in 2024. Mr. Phillips states emphatically that the people do not want a coronation; they want a conversation.
The national elites mock him as a spoiler. Really! All he wants to do is give the entire process a chance to breathe politically through dialogue. Phillips has concluded from talking to constituents all over the country that they are ready to turn the page. They want to get on with their lives. They want the issues that immediately impact their lives addressed. And, they want circumstances confronted that threaten the opportunities of their children’s future. He is not in support of a third party candidate. He simply wants a more open, unrestricted, and less-managed Democratic party.   
By what right does anyone claim to have the authority to limit the people’s choices?
Reciprocally, 45% of Republicans say they do not want former President Trump to be the party nominee in 2024. However, there has been no attempt by the party handlers to limit filed challengers to his campaign. Further, no effort has been undertaken to stifle criticism of the former President. Former Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey is basing his entire strategy on being the alternative to President Trump.
For all the problems the Republican party has contending with the character presence of Donald Trump, party and elected leaders are using the process to ventilate the issues to give the people a choice and to allow their will to be expressed at the ballot box.
The first Republican Presidential debate is set for August 23rd. Eight candidates, including President Trump, have qualified to participate. The Democrats are not holding any Presidential debates.
The HMS Bounty was an armed vessel commissioned by the British Royal Navy in 1787. Its mission was to carry out certain merchant botanical activities in support of the British Empire. Captain William Bligh was the commissioned officer in charge of the ship’s purpose of state. Bligh became so oppressive and dictatorial in his leadership, limiting any options or freedom of choice, that his crew mutinied and took over control of the Bounty.
Who is the Captain Bligh of the ship of state of the democratic process of the United States today? They would certainly include party leaders, elected officials, representatives of the bureaucratic deep state, special interests, and intellectual elites. Why would this group be so determined to distort the democratic process? Could it be that they do not trust democracy to come to election conclusions aligned with their purposes?
Citizens fear emotionally that they are heading into an endless open sea without a compass or land on the horizon for basis of direction. Given such circumstances wherein the people’s grievances are met with disdain and their will is ignored, they may feel they have little option but to mutiny against the hijackers of democracy.
Seventy percent of the American public has given the opinion that they do not want either President Biden or former President Trump to be the next President of the United States. Forced into a choice between these two candidates, without the benefit of a primary election option, may drive a majority of voters to a third party if a credible candidate emerges. This is not, in and of itself, a simple solution. There is no governing institutional Independent party. Congress, state legislatures, and most county and city governments are primarily balanced by Democrats and Republicans. An Independent President would challenge the continuity of national connection for comprehensive federal to state governance.
Both the Democratic and Republican parties are going through realignment that neither totally understands. There are basic issues maturing that transcend party identity, ideology, gender, generation, race, and even sexual orientation. They are border security, responsible immigration, enforcement against crime, a sound non-politicized primary education, religious beliefs, generational respect, work ethic, sound economic policy, personal responsibility, and self-determination. These issues are fundamental to the authority of a family that the public holds dear as paramount for justice, liberty, and freedom.
This lack of orientation to the people’s will, as exercised as policy by government institutions, has strained the people’s confidence in national government authority. When mistakes are made and corrected, people can forgive and rebuild. When the mistake becomes business as intended, the policy becomes corrosive. Corrosion ultimately weakens the bindings of state until it is impossible to rebuild trust from the same platform. The relationship must be reestablished from scratch with an entirely new structure.
The American public is being abused in the usurpation of their authority set out in the preamble of the Constitution, “We the People…in order to form a more perfect union…and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity…,” to ensure that the will of the people is the purpose of government.
Some of the national news media are calling the 2024 election cycle the “special counsel election” in reference to both Joe Biden and Donald Trump being under investigation. It could be called the “courtroom election.” Or, it could be monikered the “allegation election.” What is most threatening to the democratic process is the “staged subterfuge election” driven by artifice for purloined purposes.
Americans must trust in the common wisdom of “We the People” and exercise with the greatest diligence their right to demand their own choices, even if considered mutinous by their government leaders.
My name is Marc Nuttle and this is what I believe.

What do you believe?