The Rebellion Election

“Donald Trump addresses the real issues of their concern without being restrained by the sensitivity of political correctness.”

​Donald Trump continues to defy conventional wisdom. The latest CNN poll finds that his lead has widened over the rest of the Republican field by 2 to 1. His lead over Ted Cruz is 41%-19%. The media, political analysts, and elected officials continue to predict, somewhat only in hope, that Trump will fade. Historians, however, are beginning to see another possibility. This is not about Don Trump. This is about the people. They are angry. They are confused. They feel that the culture they desire is in jeopardy of being lost forever. They are frustrated that the elected officials, in whom they have placed their trust, are not only failing, but are not honestly dealing with their needs.

The public is in open rebellion, and Don Trump is simply their weapon of retribution.

Last week Mr. Trump stated that he could stand on Fifth Avenue in New York and shoot someone, and he would not lose any voters. Of course he was making a point metaphorically. But, his voters do appear to be very loyal. In rebellion when people reach the boiling point, they will use an armament of force outside the prescribed social order of acceptability if it will achieve their goal of change and rectitude. In this case, Donald Trump addresses the real issues of their concern without being restrained by the sensitivity of political correctness.

The establishment media’s response to Mr. Trump’s statement about a shooting on Fifth Avenue was to vilify him for using a politically incorrect metaphor instead of addressing the underlying reasons for the strength of the loyalty of his followers. It is as if the establishment believes that, by subterfuge and obfuscation, they can defer any rational debate about the real issues. Another answer is possible. They just don’t get it. Like King Louis XVI of France in 1789 or King George III of England in 1776, they were oblivious to the people’s anxieties, and the people rebelled.

As predicted, the establishment is starting to hedge its bets on who the Republican nominee for President will be. Special interest groups and elected officials have been advising, helping, and appearing with Don Trump. Recently in Iowa, Sarah Palin, former Governor of Alaska and Senator John McCain’s Vice Presidential running mate, endorsed Don Trump at a major rally in Iowa. Much debate and discussion has centered on the value of this endorsement. An event of more significance took place later in Iowa this past week. Current Senator Chuck Grassley, first elected in 1980 on President Reagan’s coattails and a member of the U.S. Senate establishment, appeared with Don Trump at a Trump rally and gave him a glowing introduction. It was not an endorsement, but his appearance was not by accident. Senator Grassley’s presence made it socially acceptable for the establishment party members to support Don Trump for President. In other words, it’s OK. At the same time, Governor Terry Branstad is contributing to an anti-Cruz effort because of Senator Cruz’s stand on ethanol subsidies. With the two leading candidates            for the party nomination going head-to-head in Iowa, the establishment was not going to be left without options. What has occurred is a one-two punch for Trump. Sarah Palin’s endorsement may not have expanded his base, but her support galvanizes activists to go to the caucuses, endure the process, and vote for Trump.  Senator Grassley’s association results in the regular party attendees not standing in opposition.

The Iowa caucuses are in fact a Byzantine process. You attend a meeting in someone’s home or a gymnasium in which you are unfamiliar. A caucus chairman has an agenda that he or she can implement with some liberty. Once credentials are confirmed, there can be lengthy discussion, there can be spokesmen, and the vote for candidates can be taken early or late. To a newcomer, the process can be intimidating. But without open opposition, a few seasoned attendees can hold their own. Senator Cruz has organization that is trained and disciplined. Many of his voters are self-motivated to stand at the barricades for the causes he represents. This in fact is the last great test for the Trump campaign. If his voters will attend the caucuses and patiently participate, he will win the caucuses. This could result in the beginning of a juggernaut that is unstoppable. If he does not win, his campaign will live on for other opportunities in future primaries. Senator Cruz may not have another chance.

One interesting finding in reference to the polling data is the following. Of those polled personally by phone versus those who participated through the internet, there is a 10% difference. The internet poll indicates a greater support for Don Trump. In other words, the more confidential and anonymous the response, the better Trump does. This may mean that the national polls are under-measuring the true support for Don Trump.

Further, current polling confirms that Don Trump is leading among all Republican groups, issue categories, and all regions of the country. He is even leading among evangelicals. Some conservative leaders question his conservative credentials. They do not understand the depth, breadth and motivation of a rebellious public. All groups are resorting to the weapon at hand. In a sense, they are yielding to the only hope they see to change the status quo. This includes overturning the elected elite, even of their own party.

The Democrats are no different. The emotion of support for Senator Bernie Sanders is spawned from a different ideological base, but the genesis of the same frustration. Secretary Hillary Clinton is still likely to be the Democratic nominee, but in the past few days, she has wrapped herself in President Obama’s cloak to re-establish herself as the leader of the progressives. In the past, Republicans have had to run to the right of center to capture the party nomination and then appear more moderate to win the general election. This time Hillary Clinton has moved far left and will be haunted in her efforts to get back to a more centrist position when the failures of the Obama administration are highlighted in the general election.

What is now critical is for the American public to determine what they want for policy answers as solutions to their cultural and family concerns. This determinative lense should be used as a prism through which to analyze the candidates. For democracy to work, the public must tell the candidates what they expect and demand that they respond to their principles. Pat Buchanan in his blog today, calls this election a seminal election. He opines that this may be a revolutionary moment. He cites the surprise landslide election of 1932. Through that election, Franklin D. Roosevelt changed the course of America. According to Buchanan, one Democrat, when asked what the election meant, said, “Well, the American people have spoken, and in his own good time, Franklin will tell us what they have said.”

Now is the time for all people of the United States to tell the candidates exactly what they want and exactly what they expect and exactly what they are saying in this election.

My name is Marc Nuttle and this is what I believe.

What do you believe?