An Abandoned Vision

The candidacy of Donald Trump continues to defy conventional wisdom. That is if you define conventional wisdom through the eyes of the establishment. The nation’s elites are in mental atrophy over the continued momentum of the Trump presidential campaign effort. The elites are still in denial that their lack of vision to course correct the nation is the problem. Those in power offer no vision to reassure citizens that there is a plan to protect them, to employ them, and to ensure their future freedom. This country was founded on the vision of self-evident truths to be facilitated by the government for the people.

They have abandoned this vision.

Like King Louis XVI of France or King George III of England, the establishment is in shock that the citizens are in open rebellion against them. “Why do the peasants demand relief, even if we elites are being maintained as we are accustomed?” they ask. What they don’t understand is that they are asking the wrong question. The question they should be asking is “Why are citizens angry?” The average citizen is OK with the status quo if it leads to a destination wherein they anticipate all lives are bettered. It is this lack of leadership toward the imperative of freedom that has been betrayed. Donald Trump is the manifestation of the rebellion.

Instead of asking what exactly are the people’s concerns and how can we work together for solutions, in their infinite arrogance, they assail the electorate for not blindly following them, even though they offer no vision, no compass, and no definition for direction to a better future. Their response is to organize efforts to deny Donald Trump the nomination by any means possible. It is now apparent that Mr. Trump will capture the greatest number of delegates. The only question is if it will it be enough to reach the number needed for confirmation on the first ballot at the Republican convention in Cleveland. That number is 1,237 delegates. There is a byzantine process in determining and governing delegates at the convention, largely unknown to the public. Approximately 411 GOP delegates are now unbound on the first ballot vote. They include super delegates, released delegates (i.e. Marco Rubio’s) and state delegates not bound by the primary vote. It will be Governor Kasich’s strategy to win enough delegates in the remaining primaries and to organize these unbound votes on the first ballot to come in second ahead of Senator Ted Cruz. Then on the second ballot, Governor Kasich could be nominated.

Senator Cruz’s strategy is to win enough delegates in the primary process to deny Don Trump the majority number and force a second ballot.  Senator Cruz has a well-organized campaign to get his supporters elected as representative delegates from the states. When these delegates become unbound on the second ballot, they are released to vote for him and elect him as the nominee. This convention process conducted with party regulars as delegates is mysterious, complex and “inside baseball.” The Trump forces will be at a disadvantage even though they have hired some capable, knowledgeable operatives.

On the Democratic side, Secretary Hillary Clinton continues to march towards the nomination of the Democratic Party. Senator Bernie Sanders showed his true colors yesterday by refusing to speak to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). Every other candidate addressed the convocation. Senator Sanders was not clear why he snubbed the Israeli lobby. It’s the first time he’s been dishonest with the American people about his intentions. Many liberal college campuses have been misled by errant professors who do not believe in a permanent state for Israel. Bernie Sanders’ support is largely millennials on college campuses. It is an interesting note that the national press analyzed Donald Trump’s speech from a viewpoint of why he was supportive of Israel and yet did not question Bernie Sanders further on why he was the only candidate who failed to address the meeting.

Vice President Joe Biden did address AIPAC as the official representative of the United States Government. He actually gave a stellar speech. His emotional support for the right of Israel to exist appeared to come from his heart. He just returned from a trip to Israel and the Middle East. The purpose of his trip was not clear. He referenced it as a show of support for Israel and to encourage our Middle Eastern partners to continue the fight against ISIS. It also was very timely to keep him on the national stage, especially in light of yesterday’s ISIS terrorist attacks in Brussels.

The FBI investigation into Secretary Clinton’s email breach of protocol has not been concluded. There is speculation that the FBI may in fact recommend an indictment. Upon that recommendation, the Department of Justice would make the determination on whether to hand down an indictment. Many think this would never happen. Others are not so sure. It has never been explained why the State Department submitted a negative report on twenty-two of Secretary Clinton’s emails just prior to the Iowa caucuses that, in the department’s opinion, were top secret and should never have been exposed on a private server. The timing seemed suspect. Secretary of State Kerry has had little to say about the findings. The decision to release the report and the timing of the release was either known or directed by the White House.

If in fact Secretary Clinton were indicted after the primary season, a simple rule change by the Democratic Party could prohibit her from receiving her committed delegates. This would leave the Democratic convention open. Bernie Sanders would not have enough delegates on the first ballot to secure the nomination. The Democratic Party establishment is opposed to Senator Sanders being their standard bearer. Vice President Biden could then enter the convention as a nominated candidate from the floor. If in fact the super delegates voted en masse to support his nomination, he would likely win on the first ballot.

Unlikely? Maybe. But such posturing of Vice President Biden is extraordinary in a Presidential election year.

The approaches from the right and left to solutions for the problems facing our country today are asymmetrical. Both sides profess to have the answer while demeaning the other side implying they are selfish, hateful, oppressive, or all three. What’s interesting to consider is that both sides want to better the lives of the needy or less fortunate. No one is opposed to equal opportunity. Capitalism without justice is no more the answer than socialism without freedom. Respect for each other’s abilities and political philosophies, while providing and pursuing security for all, should be a common goal.

In 1856, the establishment, dominated by the Whigs and Democrats, refused to address the divides of the country and the people’s consternation over the lack of vision. The Whigs became defunct as a party. The result of the vacuum led to one party that had standing for at least one cycle, the Know Nothing Party. It presented the last Whig President, Millard Fillmore, unsuccessfully for election. By 1860, a new party emerged to unite the nation on the moral common ground that all men are created equal and should have access to the due process of the law and all of the appurtenances thereof. Abraham Lincoln represented this new GOP on a uniting principle. To honor this principle required leadership and a re-set of America culturally.

It is time to face the reality that a new American re-set is critical. Sensible budgets, a coherent consistent foreign policy, and a restructured federal government are components of this re-set. Leadership based upon principle, redefining national purpose, uniting us as a people in cause, and forming a new center of cultural gravity, is the essence of course correction.

And so it has been in history when leaders fail to lead. The people arise, demanding liberty from those who have abandoned the vision — the vision of self-evident truths.

My name is Marc Nuttle and this is what I believe.

What do you believe?