Last week revealed that ISIS will commit horrific acts anywhere anytime they can take advantage of the freedom of western society. They operate under the protection of that freedom provided by the very culture they wish to destroy. The sounds of children screaming in terror from the cowardly act of detonating a bomb in a subway still echoes in our ears. Yet, the current presidential GOP debate as of this Sunday was centered on the childish exchange concerning candidate’s wives. It is despicable. It is enough.

The national news media pursued Donald Trump to answer the allegation that he had planted a story derogatory to Senator Cruz in the National Inquirer. He emphatically denied the charge. The interviewer then pressed the question, “Do you denounce the National Inquirer?” The question was without substance or purpose. It was simply designed to irritate the debate. If someone were to ask the question what’s the difference between the establishment news media and the National Inquirer, one might think nothing at all.

At a time when the world is seeking answers, and desperate for leadership, what they get is Jerry Springer reality TV. No questions about national ID cards for national security. No serious debate about how to restructure NATO to share information. No suggestions for families on how to establish safe zones for their children.

There has been criticism that Belgium authorities missed certain signals. There have been allegations that they failed to follow up on certain leads. The truth is, political correctness cannot be deemed superior to society’s security. All citizens, all cultures, and all societies must be respected as long as each said element respects sovereign law. There is a compelling state interest to protect itself as a superior mandate.

It is now apparent that the presidential process will not produce productive intellectual discussion.  It is up to the public to take matters into their own hands. How can this be accomplished? Take control of your own sphere of influence. Express your outrage to your peers. Talk openly with your family about your frustration. But most importantly, take charge of your children who are of an age to understand. Speak truth to them. Don’t make excuses for what they’re hearing. Tell them that our country was founded on eternal principles. Principles that are still our foundation today. Explain to them the principles that define us as a people do not include attacking women personally for any reason anytime. Explore with them traditional values as you define them. Tradition is your tradition. The total matrix of all traditions is the fabric of who we are as a people.

We have come to a point in our history where we cannot look to the presidential debate expecting a confident national vision. The national press corps is a primary participant in this political negligence. It’s time we say ENOUGH.

It is unimaginable what George Washington would have thought in 1797 at the end of his presidency if he heard the presidential debate today. His vision was not just for the United States. His vision encompassed the entire world. It is incomprehensible to reflect upon the Lincoln-Douglas debate in reference to today’s pointless bickering. But what is most shameful is to think about the sacrifice the greatest generation made in WWII. For our country’s national leaders to be conducting themselves the way they are today is inexcusable. Yes, they fought for freedom of speech. But I believe that their faith was in freedom of speech that led to honorable dialogue and respect for each other.

We live in a great country. The issues that divide us seem to be mounting and the gaps widening. The arguments about solutions appear to be intractable.

They are not.

We are still the freest country on the planet. We are without question the world’s last great hope. The presidential cycle is a two-ring circus. The world, our country, and our citizens deserve better. We can and should demand principled solutions.

In all of the cacophony of political shouting, a truth can be heard when defended personally. Demanding policy based on principles is not only appropriate, it is foundational to liberty.

My name is Marc Nuttle and this is what I believe.

What do you believe?